What You’ll Need for Online Registration

In District News by CLCSD

Before online registration opens in August,  you can begin gathering the things you’ll need to register your student online. Here is a list of information you’ll need to have handy when registering your student(s):

  • Household information for Student’s Primary Household
    • Address
    • Phone numbers
  • Parent/Guardian Information
    • Work and cell phone numbers
    • Email address
    • Home  address
  • Emergency Contacts
    • Emergency contact(s) name, address, phone numbers and email address
    • Emergency contact(s) priority – who to contact in what order
  • Student information
    • Basic demographic information
    • Health information regarding any health conditions
    • Immunization records (upload electronically during online registration or bring to building office)
    • Medication information including dosages, administration times and special instructions
    • Healthcare provider name(s), addresses and phone numbers (doctor, dentist, etc.)
    • Health/dental insurance plan providers and numbers
    • Daycare name(s), addresses and phone numbers
  • Transportation
    • Busing pick up and drop off locations (only one allowed for online entry)
  • Athletics
    • Pre-Participation physical form may be uploaded if completed ahead of time
  • Other
    • Vehicle information for students who drive to school – vehicle make, model, color and license plate
    • Joint custody information – name, address, phone, email, etc. for student’s non-primary household
    • Legal issue documentation – paperwork regarding any legal issues affecting your student such as pickup or visitation restrictions.  These documents can be uploaded during online registration. Legal documents must be on file with the district before restrictions can be enforced.

Stay tuned for additional information about online registration!