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Winter is Here – Time to Update Notification Preferences!

In Clear Creek, District News, High School, Middle School, Sunset by Henry Luker

As we approach the time of the year when winter weather issues may arise, it is important for parents/ guardians to update their notification preferences to ensure they’re alerted of any delays, cancellations, or other notifications this season. Infinite Campus Messenger is used for weather, academic (teacher communication, grades, attendance, etc.) and emergency related notifications. To sign up for these …

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Thanks for reading with your child!

In Clear Creek, Sunset by Henry Luker

It’s always hard to carve out an extra 15-20 min in our busy days. But we know how excited our children are to have a story read to them, to be able to read out loud to us, and most of all, to just have our undivided attention. That’s what makes them good readers, and we have seen how they’ve …