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Clear Creek/Sunset School Nurses

Bethany Hythecker, RN/BSN 
901 South 14th Street
Clear Lake, Iowa 50428
(641) 357-5288

Josi Thompson, RN/BSN
901 South 14th Street
Clear Lake, Iowa 50428 
(641) 357-5288

Middle/High School Nurse

Kelly Myers, RN 
125 North 20th Street 
Clear Lake, Iowa 50428 
(641) 357-5235


Student health needs are managed by Clear Lake's team of nurses. Bethany Hythecker and Josi Thompson support Clear Creek and Sunset View preschool. Kelly Myers serves the Middle School and High School.

Frequently Asked Questions

As important as it is for students to be at school it is equally important to take measures to maintain good health. We ask you keep your child home if they are experiencing any of the following:

  • Vomiting or diarrhea (children may return 24 hours after last episode)
  • Fever (children may return to school after 24 hours fever free without the use of medication)
  • Communicable diseases
  • Rash that is oozing or has fluid-filled blisters present
  • Pink eye

Please contact us with any questions.

Daily and as needed medications are administered by the school nurse or other trained staff with written parental permission.  We ask when filling your child’s medications you ask the pharmacy for two bottles-one for home and one for school.  We are required to follow the directions on the label.

Ahhh…We forgot! If your child takes daily medications at home you are welcome to keep a pill or two at school for those mornings that spiral out of control and you simply consider it a win everyone got out the door and buckled into the car.  We’re happy to help, just give us a call.  We’ve all been there!

Ear drops, eye drops, antibiotics If it’s possible to schedule these types of things at home, we’d ask you try to do so.  Not because we don’t want to help, but because the logistics of transporting these medications back and forth daily can get confusing.  

Refill? When your child’s school medications are getting low, we will keep the last few in a labeled envelope at school and send the empty bottle home with your child.  Likely a courtesy call will follow letting you know to check their bag.  Simply refill the bottle and return it with your student.  We will be in contact with your child’s teacher to keep an eye out for their med refill.  However, if you prefer we work directly with you, you are welcome to stop in to pick up and drop off their medications.  We’d love to see your face!

We keep a school supply of Tylenol (chewable and regular), Benadryl, Caladryl, and Bacitratin (antibiotic ointment).  If you prefer your child to have something different, you are welcome to send their own bottle to keep at school.  Don’t forget to write a permission note

In 2007 Clear Lake Schools adopted a district wide Life Threatening Allergy policy.

Be it asthma, diabetes, dietary restrictions, severe allergy, seizure disorder, or other special needs, we are here to help. Please contact us and we can work together to create a health plan to suit your child’s needs.

HGD units are taught by the school nurse under the supervision of the classroom teacher. We are happy to say that when this curriculum was first being introduced as a part of education in Clear Lake Schools the direction in which it would be taught was parent driven. You’re welcome to check it out! 

5th Grade: Puberty
7th Grade: General Wellness
8th Grade: Pregnancy
9th Grade: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

State required and completed in Pre-School/Kindergarten (Iowa KidSight program), 3rd and 6th grade.

We will contact you with any abnormal results. If you feel your child is having trouble with his/her vision before these scheduled screenings, please contact us, we’d be happy to check it out.

Our food services department has developed a Gluten-Free Menu for students who are required to follow a gluten-free diet.  Currently this specific menu can only be offered to students with a physician signed Nutrition Substitution.  

Please contact us or the nutrition department with questions.  

Who we are

Hythecker, Bethany

School Nurse

Hythecker, Bethany

School Nurse

Hi! My name is Bethany Hythecker and this is already my eighth year as a school nurse for Clear Lake! I'm entering my third year working part-time, though I see the students less, I still get to develop relationships with them and our great staff here at school, while spending more time with my family at home. At home, I spend much of my time attempting to be creative with healthy meals for the family, helping my husband take care of our small acreage, and learning to see life through the eyes of a toddler and infant.

When I started college, I pursued P.E. and Health Education at the University of Northern Iowa because I had always had an interest in health and wellness. However, with one year of college left, I made the jump from an education major to a nursing major at Allen College of Nursing in Waterloo to pursue my Bachelor's in Nursing.

After college, I took a job with the Wolfe Eye Clinic in West Des Moines and worked with a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. During my time there, I was able to travel to Romania and assist with eye surgeries of people unable to afford medical care. I eventually wanted to practice my nursing skills in a hospital setting because I hadn't had the chance since graduating from college and so started working at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines. When I got married and moved to North Iowa, I applied for the job as school nurse and and have loved the staff, students and families from the from the beginning. I'm so thankful I'm able use my education background with my training in nursing to serve others!

Myers, Kelly

School Nurse

Myers, Kelly

School Nurse

Thompson, Josi

School Nurse

Thompson, Josi

School Nurse

I'm Josi Thompson, the newest member of Clear Lake's team of nurses. I am wife to Seth and mommy to three little beauties.  I'm a lover of Jesus, baseball, horses, and everything about the peace and beauty of the country.  And I'm a somewhat new found lover of coffee and running- not enjoyed in unison, of course. 🙂

As a child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents on their farm being immersed in a plethora of life skills ranging from taming kittens, to welding, "fixing" things in the shop, driving all things with wheels, learning to bake, sew, to do Pinterest inspired projects before Pinterest was a thing, and even a little Morse Code on the old CB radio.  I have to give a big thanks to them for investing time shaping my desire to care for and teach people.  They were great models of selflessness, patience and giving.  So when it came time to settle on "what I wanted to be when I grew up" the decision to choose a career in nursing or education was difficult for me.  Ultimately, I settled on nursing because of the diversity the profession offered, while still hoping to someday end up in an educational setting.  So...I completed my ADN from Iowa Lakes Community College and received my BSN from the University of Iowa.  I began my career in nursing at Mercy Medical Center-NI completing a Critically Ill Internship followed by positions in the Intensive Care Unit, Cardiovascular Recovery Unit, and Cardiac Cath Lab, where, on occasion, I still get to serve and keep up on my acute care nursing skills..

This fall marks the beginning of my fourth year at Clear Lake Schools.  Being new to school nursing, I have been a bit caught off guard how fast the seasons change and the months on a school calender turn!  Watching your children journey through these school years has brought me much joy and a little momma heartache on how fast little ones grow older.  Your children have reminded me to give thanks for the season of life I am in and insight into what my life will look like all too soon!  I'm looking forward to what this year has in store for us!