Welcome to Clear Creek Elementary

We welcome you to our school! We are happy to have you and are confident that your child will have a positive learning experience. You will find friendly, caring, and dedicated professionals here at Clear Creek. We hope you will find the information on this website helpful. School news, upcoming events, documents, and information about our school in general is available. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

School Theme

“We’re on the Bus… Oh the Places We Will Go!”

Last year our district did a book study on The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. Gordon provides 10 rules to fuel your life, work, and team with positive energy. The Energy Bus is a great reminder of the impact a positive attitude has on an individual, a team, an organization. As leaders, teachers, staff, students and families, we can jump on board the Clear Creek and Sunset bus and have a positive impact on learning and growing for our students. Together We Are Better!

See all of our previous themes on our Yearly Themes page.

Core Values


We care about our students, their families, and each other.


We are focused on family and community involvement and encourage families to be involved in our school.


School is a fun place to work and learn.


Our school “feels” different. We welcome everyone – students and families, friends and visitors.


Our staff is creative and they allow students to be creative.


We have great leadership from our administrators.


We provide support to our students, their families, and each other.


We work together as a team and provide opportunities for students to work as a team.


Our school focuses on the PAWSitive!


We have created a friendly school environment for students, their families, visitors, and our team of educators.


We LOVE our jobs, we LOVE the kids, and we show LOVE towards each other.


Clear Creek and Sunset are a safe environment to learn and work in.

Our School