Traffic flow is very important for our parent pick-up area to run smoothly. South 12th Street runs north and south – we are asking everyone to get on to South 12th Street from the south – off of 12th Avenue South and head north up South 12th Street. There is a sidewalk on the east side of South 12th Street, this will allow students to easily get in and out of cars. Heading north on South 12th Street also allows for easy access into the pickup and drop off drive in the back of the school.

Where do I drop off my child in the morning?

We would prefer all students be dropped off in the back of the building at the west “WAVE.” This will help us separate the buses from the car and drop off should be smooth and quick. The buses will still be dropping off and picking up in the front of the building at the east “WAVE.” Please do not park in the driveway areas and walk your child into the building! If you want to walk your child into the building, please park in either of the parking lots – the west parking lot would be easiest access for grades 1-2 students.

Where do I pick-up my child in the afternoon?

Students being picked up will be dismissed at approximately 2:50 p.m. (a little earlier the first week). All cars picking students up from school should use the drive through on the west side of the building at the west “WAVE.” We encourage you to travel up South 12th Street traveling north.

My child rides the bus

All buses pick students up in the front circle drive. All bus students will be held in the lunchrooms until their bus is loaded. Lunch tables will have bus numbers on them and students will sit at the table that corresponds to their bus number. Please talk with your child about which bus they ride. Please don’t park in the front circle drive during bus pick-up times (2:45 – 3:30 p.m.)

My child rides a bike

We have a bike “parking lot” on the north side of the building where students can park their bikes. Bikes should be locked to the bike racks. We have an adult that will supervise the dismissal of the bike riders. Please encourage safe riding – helmet wearing – and the route your child should ride on. Bike riders will be dismissed after buses are gone.

My child walks home

Walkers will be dismissed at 2:50 p.m. Depending on where they live, will dictate which door they will exit the building from. There are sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. Please encourage your child to walk on the sidewalks and be alert when they cross streets.

Some reminders

  • Drive Safely – Drive slowly – watch for students and other cars especially during the first week of school. It will be very busy since the traffic flow will be new to many drivers.
  • ONE WAY – The west parent pickup drive is a ONE WAY street.
    • You enter on South 12th Street and you exit on 8th Avenue South.
    • Speed Bump – On your way out onto 8th Avenue South
  • Please be patient – If you are in a hurry – you will probably get frustrated.
  • Questions – If you have any questions, please call the school.